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RuboCop ships with a server

For everybody running the standard MRI/C Ruby implementation, did you know that you can speed up your Rubocop checks by quite a bit?

You can reduce the RuboCop boot time significantly (something like 850x faster) by using the –server command-line option.

The –server option speeds up the launch of the rubocop command by utilizing a standalone server process that loads the RuboCop runtime production files (i.e. require ‘rubocop’).

Normally RuboCop starts somewhat slowly because it needs to require a ton of files and that’s fairly slow. With the RuboCop server we sidestep this nasty issue and make it much more pleasant to interact with RuboCop from text editors and IDEs.

Source: https://docs.rubocop.org/rubocop/usage/server.html

I recommend that you read the documentation. Please do not make the same mistake I did!

Make sure to add a .rubocop file to your project, but this time without the .yml ending!

# content of .rubocop

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