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TruffleRuby homelab worker pool experiment

TruffleRuby, the mythical beast. I never dared to lay hands upon. Yet, ASDF-VM ploughed through the else tedious installation.

What’s better than having code snip you can run on MRI and on Truffle and get a feel for it yourself? Right?!

Clone https://github.com/simonneutert/truffle_pig from GitHub
add a main.rb at project root and run $ time ruby main.rb using MRI, then run again with Truffle22

# frozen_string_literal: true

require 'pry'
require 'prettyprint'
require 'etc'

require_relative 'lib/truffle_pig'

cpu_processors = Etc.nprocessors
p cpu_processors #=> Number of (virtual) CPU Processors

piggy = TrufflePig.new(workers: cpu_processors)

piggy.add_job do
  1 / 0

(1..24).each do |i|
  piggy.add_job do
    sleep 1

    result = 0
    10_000.times do
      result = i**i
    puts "job_id ##{i}, result: #{result}"
    { job_id: i, result: result }

puts "#{piggy.queue.size} jobs added"

results = piggy.perform(reject_errors: true, custom_logger: ->(e) { pp e })
puts "\n\n\n\n"
puts 'The results are in:'
puts "\n\n\n\n"

pp results

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