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Save a file (like png or jpg) from web using clojure / babashka

babashka scripting is the way to go:

  (:body (curl/get "http://your-URL.test"
    {:as :stream}))
  (io/file "icon.png"))

or do it in Clojure, named with current date:

(import '(java.time.format DateTimeFormatter) '(java.time LocalDateTime)) 

(let [date-str (.format (DateTimeFormatter/ofPattern "yyyy-MM-dd") (LocalDateTime/now))]
        (:body (curl/get (str *input*) {:as :bytes}))
            (str "date-" date-str ".png"))))

use pmap to leech concurrently 🤓

for more web-hackiness you can pipe/chain:
httpie, jq, htmlq, bb, awk

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