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Clojure kondo config for keyword overrides like promesa's let macro

I keep forgetting it, but once I blog it…

What is clj-kondo, you ask? It is:

A linter for Clojure code that sparks joy.

This is how you make kondo shut up about faulty let declarations, in specific nbb and promesa

What is promesa? Glad you ask:

A lightweight promise/future library for Clojure & ClojureScript built on top of native primitives (js/Promise on JS, and CompletableFuture on JVM).https://github.com/funcool/promesa

clj-kondo documentation

  1. create a config.edn in your projects .clj-kondo directory
  2. set for key :lint-as the following: {promesa.core/let clojure.core/let}
;; ./clj-kondo/config.edn
 {promesa.core/let clojure.core/let}}

no more red squirly lines in your code 👏

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