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LISP, I might be into it

I currently read the infamous book “The Land of Lisp” http://landoflisp.com written by Conrad Barski. As a Ruby developer it had me hooked in no time. Fast forward some google searches, blog posts and YouTube videos, I landed with Clojure/ClojureScript.

After having written much Javascript in the past 2 years, lots of struggle with tech stack churn, I was watching this video today:

Create a form using ClojureScript and Re-Frame

followed by this one:

“ClojureScript in the Age of TypeScript” by David Nolen

When one starts digging the web for LISP, you will definitely read something like: “Even if you never use it, learning a little LISP is a reward itself.” and to be honest, well they are right. It is fun, challenging and very, very rewarding.

I am not yet able to share a little project at this point in time, but this blog post is more of a reminder, that should keep me digging deeper, practising my lisp and finally come out of my cave with a pizza pi calculator written in ClojureScript/re-frame 🥰

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