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Clean up your branch, before submitting a Pull Request

When working on a difficult issue it can happen, that you generate loads of commits. Some of them may be a complete waste of time reading, while other might contain useful information for your future team or reviewer.

There must be a better way!

  1. You do not need to alter your workflow.
  2. Commit as much as you like and what makes sense to you - and just you.

Retell your commit story

When finished, shift your perspective. What information would make your reviewer(s) happy?

Your reviewer can work best through your code base, when the commit history tells a concise story about the steps it took to build the solution.

# Open a new branch based on master or develop
$ git checkout -b new_clean_branch
$ git merge old_mumble_branch --squash

Cut off old branches

You can now stage and commit files or code samples and write a clean, logical commit message.

When finished push the clean branch and delete the old_mumble_branch.

Enjoy Zen.

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