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Scrape JS Rendered Websites with Ruby and PhantomJS

Before Angular and its trillions of lookalikes a simple html request™ worked just fine. Nowadays, things have changed. More and more websites unconditionally require a working JavaScript Engine to be rendered readable. This disqualifies a simple html request™ to get what you need.

PhantomJS to the recue

  1. Please install PhantomJS first. http://phantomjs.org/.

  2. Install Watir, this allows you to interact with urls, just like your favourite browser would do. $ gem install watir In our case it will be PhantomJS. Read more about the concept on Watir’s official Website http://watir.com and see also Watir on GitHub.

  3. OPTIONAL Download the binary from http://phantomjs.org/ and extract the package. Then copy the /bin folder (with the file called phantomjs in it) into your Rails™ or Sinatra™ project’s /bin folder to make this work on heroku.

Get your scrape on

require 'watir'
require 'nokogiri'

# go to url
url = 'https://www.youtube.com/'
puts "Loading: #{url}"

# set up a watir browser session with phantomjs
browser = Watir::Browser.new :phantomjs

# make watir visit the url

# this is crucial!
# give it some time to render :)
# 4 seconds might be too long - find your own sweet spot

# time for some Nokogiri™ magic
html_doc = Nokogiri::HTML(browser.html)
puts 'Received Website\'s rendered HTML'
puts html_doc.css('h1').text

# close watir session! be kind.

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